Sunday, January 2, 2022

Day 41 - Old Town, FL

Sunday (41) - I finished a couple of tasks related to flat towing the Jeep. The break-away cable is attached to the motorhome frame and not to any part of the hitch. The reason for this is in case there is a failure in the hitch, tow bar, or baseplate, the Jeep brakes would be applied. I attached it to the rearmost frame crossmember. The cable was more than long enough to reach the Jeep. 

I also zip-tied the wiring in place where it ran through the Jeep engine compartment. I still need to run the extra wire from the Jeep brake light switch to an LED on the motorhome dash so I know when the brakes are being applied. Not essential or required but it seems to be a good idea. 

We leave this park tomorrow. I’d definitely return here as it has been generally quiet. This past weekend was the exception. It was packed with locals who just came for the weekend. And many were in “party mode” for New Years. But some left yesterday and most of the rest left today. I’m at the pool right now and it is a very toasty 80°F right now. (And quiet!)

Everything outside is put away as there is wind and rain in the forecast for this evening. And, the Pi-Hole server is finally updated and appears to be working. Faster web page load times. 


SonjaM said...

Happy New Year, Richard. Enjoy your continued ventures. Sitting it the pool in January sounds quite right to me ;-)

redlegsrides said...

I can empathize with your reported experience with "locals" crowding things up on the weekends. Can't blame them of course, they've got to cram as much camping fun as possible into less than two days, but still irksome at times.

Sadly, this phenomenon extends beyond RV parks, to boondocking areas I've been in. Oh well.

RichardM said...

Happy New Year! Can’t complain about using an outdoor pool in January!

RichardM said...

Yep, can’t blame them for wanting to escape the cities!