Thursday, January 20, 2022

Day 58, 59 - Wauchula, FL - TT

Wednesday (58) - I drove up to Lakeland, FL, to have the Jeep windshield replaced. Non-OEM glass wasn’t available so they replaced it with Mopar glass. This meant that we retained the little Jeep on the passenger side. 

After dropping the Jeep  off at Safelite Glass, I walked to a fast food place for a breakfast sandwich. On my way there, I, literally, picked up a battery powered Milwaukee Sawzall. I was waiting to cross the highway when it rolled out of a truck going around the corner. I picked it up before someone ran over it. It’s a bit banged up but seems to work fine and the Li-ion battery is charged. A Milwaukee charger is about $27 on Amazon. When I purchased my corded sawzall back in 2005, the rechargeable ones weren’t that good as most had old technology batteries (remember ni-cad?). A cordless one is a nice addition. 

The windshield was installed in about an hour. I guess the Jeep was pretty simple and the rubber was not hardened and dried out. 

Thursday (59) - In todays “lottery” for a full hookup site, we got one. It really isn’t a lottery as they go through and make a list of all the available sites at 1pm. At 2pm, they announce names based on your arrival time. E.g. we arrived on Wednesday at 12:30pm. It’s not an great site as it backs up against the road but 50amp electric and sewer (as well as water) means being able to run the washer/dryer and everything on electric to conserve our propane. Once inside, I can barely hear the road noise. 

We are planning on going to the Florida RV Show tomorrow in Tampa and it’ll be nice to know that both of the A/C units can be left on. The Internet is slightly better here as well. 


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    1. I can’t complain about picking up the sawzall. Now, I need to order a charger.