Monday, January 31, 2022

Day 70 - Wauchula, FL - TT

Monday (70) - Went north to Lakeland for a vet appointment in the morning. It turned out to be about ¼ mile from the glass shop. It is clear and sunny but not what I would call “warm” at only 59°F. 

The new water pump that I picked up on Amazon back in November developed a slow leak. I removed it and it was from a poorly assembled pressure switch. A rubber diaphragm was pinched and didn’t seal completely resulting in a very slow leak through the switch itself. Enough of a leak that the pump started to run continuously as sufficient pressure to shut off the pump couldn’t be built up. And, enough that the wood subfloor is pretty wet. I re-installed the old water pump and set a small (250watt) electric heater near the wet subfloor. Hopefully it’ll dry up. 

Fortunately, the last day to return it to Amazon is tomorrow so I quickly packed it up and dropped it off at a UPS shipping location here in Wauchula. We had dinner here last week and wanted to return. It was very good. 

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