Sunday, January 30, 2022

Day 67, 68, 69 - Wauchula, FL - TT

Friday (67) - Another overcast day and I had another RV chore that needed to be done again. Defrost the refrigerator. It seems that I had just done this chore but the high humidity here in FL causes it to ice up pretty quickly. The last time I had just worked on the freezer. This time both the freezer and refrigerator had ice built up. Having the AC/DC compressor chest is handy as there isn’t a rush to get this task done. All of the frozen items will stay in there all day until the regular freezer gets back down to ~5°F.

More playing around with Modbus and the Victron stuff. I came up with a simplified panel within HomeAssistant that shows the information in the smallest available space. HomeAssistant does log all this information at intervals set for each bit of data. For example, some of these values are updated every 10sec others, every couple of minutes. And you can get graphs of the data over arbitrary time intervals. I have the inverter/charger turned off so the battery will get partially drained. We are parked under a pretty good canopy of trees so very little solar even if it wasn't overcast.

The “Charger State” took a bit of digging as the Victron 100/50 charge controller reports its status as an integer. I set up a template within HomeAssistant to translate the possible values to text. The picture is a screenshot of the file editor on the HomeAssistant iPhone app. Kind of clumsy to use on the phone but it works good enough. 

Today is day #69 which means that I will be headed home to Fairbanks in a few weeks. I have one appointment plus need to visit the borough office and the DMV (oh joy…).

Saturday (68) - Sunny and kinda cold. It was windy last night and the forecast was for more later today and tonight so I went ahead and packed up the outside stuff including the awning. Tonight, I’ll shut off our water and drain the hoses just to avoid problems that I don’t need.

I signed up for both test sessions today as it’s too cold for the pool. And, like so many of the TT parks, the hot tub is down for repairs.

One more stress point for me is done. We received the temporary tag (60-days) from Alaska in the mail today. The one I got from Idaho was only good for 30 days. It was sent from Fairbanks over a week ago. USPS is slow…

Sunday (69) - It did get cold last night but no problems. One more cold night then things start to warm up again. Supposed to be mid-80s by the end of the week. But then I’ll probably be complaining of the heat. On Tuesday, we are heading towards the coast for several days around Sarasota. Bridget’s grandparents and parents had lived there so she has a lot of good memories of the area. 

Today, there was a group testing in TN with one VE (volunteer examiner) there in-person and the rest online. It was a mess. After we did the first seven people in individual rooms, they decided to try a group in one room. I may hear how it went via email later. 

Tonight, I’m making barbecue ribs, baked macaroni and cheese, steamed broccoli, and baked beans. A good cold weather meal. 

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