Thursday, January 6, 2022

Day 45 - Orlando, FL

Thursday (45) - Today is an "off day" or "resort day". Not going to any park. We ended up staying at Hollywood Studios until around 8:30 or so after riding Rise of the Resistance again. This is a photo from within the Star Wars area of the park. The last two days racked up 36k steps and, these days, that's a lot for me. I used to be able to do that routinely but not anymore. 

Since the AT&T signal here is pretty good, I'm going to try doing a test session. Between intermittent campground WiFi and almost non-existant cell signal at Old Town, I haven't participated in the sessions for quite a while. 

Later - The AT&T signal worked great as long as I was on the 5GHz SSID. Maybe there is too much interference on the 2.2GHz frequency. After the test, I went to the snack bar and had a Mickey pretzel for lunch. 


  1. That is way too many steps in my opinion, especially given the horrendous crowds.