Thursday, January 27, 2022

Day 65, 66 - Wauchula, FL and Myakka SP - TT

Wednesday (65) - It was another cold day today and yesterday’s rain continued this morning. I had been seeing all these YouTube recommended videos in my feed for cast iron pan pizza. It prompted me to pick up a dough ball from Publix along with some pizza toppings. After letting it rise this afternoon while I was doing test sessions, I divided it in half and made a couple of pan pizzas. They came out pretty good. The challenge in making them was the lack of a rolling pin. For some reason we haven’t needed one in the RV over the last five years or so. For pies I’ve just used pre-made crusts. Since there is still sauce and toppings, I may need to pick up another dough ball.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit warmer and much drier so I think the plan is to go to Myakka River State Park about an hour south east of here near Sarasota. We are headed to a KOA park in that area next week but only for a few days. KOAs are on the expensive side. Not Disney expensive but more than we are paying here. 

Thursday (66) - We went to Myakka River State Park near Sarasota. There were quite a few alligators visible from the road and the trails. 

There was a canopy walk, which made me think of the one in Singapore. This was nothing like that. Only a hundred feet long instead of miles and very bouncy. Capacity was four people at a time. At one end, was a tower that went up to ~270 ft with a nice panoramic view. The last photo is looking east and north. 

Further down the road was a short boardwalk out into the lake/swamp to see birds. Not very many birds today. 

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