Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Day 63, 64 - Wauchula, FL - TT

Monday (63) - It actually dropped to freezing last night or sometime early morning. This is the box near the door where I display the outside temperature. Or at least an approximation as I don’t have the sensor in an ideal location. The little white sensor sticking out the back of the box measures the inside temperature and humidity. The display was intermittent and the hot glue holding the bezel had come loose. Hot glue doesn’t stick really well to plastic and I chose to use it for that very reason. Permanence isn’t a desirable characteristic for homebrew projects such as this. While it was off, I also replaced the butt connectors with the Wago connectors. 

The cat agrees that FL is cold. She seems to like sitting next to the electric heater yesterday and today. It is supposed to be warming up for a day or two then the low is dropping down to 32°F by next weekend. 

Tuesday (64) - This morning, we headed east to Sebring. A town large enough to have multiple grocery stores, a Petco, and an iHop for lunch. It was overcast most of the morning and sort of showering right now. And only 55°F in the middle of the afternoon. I went ahead and signed up for the afternoon test session but don't necessarily want to lead like I did yesterday. The last time I was lead VE was in September. It's was quite a while and I kept thinking that I was forgetting things. 

We stopped at Publix for some groceries and they had fresh pizza dough. I am planning on trying pizza in a cast-iron frying pan. Maybe tomorrow as I already had beans soaking for today's bean, kielbasa, and kale soup. Normally, I use navy beans but didn't have any in the cupboard. Trying it with black beans.

I finally figured out how to query the Raspberry Pi running the Victron VenusOS software from HomeAssistant. It isn't documented very well but I have Modbus running on VenusOS and the HomeAssistant server sends a query every 10 seconds. Now that I know how to do it, I can probably knock the query interval down quite a bit. But I've been messing around for this on/off for quite a while. Shown here are the battery state of charge, voltage, and current from the Victron battery monitor and the solar panel input voltage, input current, and charging current. This is from the Victron MPPT solar charge controller. 

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