Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Day 42, 43 - Henry Horton SP - SP

Monday (42) - Today was a short travel day if measured by distance. Only xyz miles. But if measured by time, it was about average. We stopped at a Walgreens to get a prescription refill and we went down the street to a Krogers. But due to construction and people parking randomly in the lot, there wasn’t anywhere we fit. We didn’t need groceries at this time.

We also filled up at a Love’s truck stop. Not the cheapest but we still were able to use the TSD Logistics fuel card. The state campground was only about 12 miles from the Love’s. We arrived several hours early but our site was empty so they let us in. Nice place though the site is tail end low. Not optimal as we don’t have enough blocks to drive the rear tires on and place under the jacks. So we are slightly low in the back but level side to side. 

Tuesday (43) - I just made an appointment at a truck shop to get the tie rod ends replaced. The rubber boots on three of them are missing and the fourth one is torn. I haven’t looked at the drag link yet but they are probably in similar poor condition. The hint of a problem came last week when we left Sullivan, MO, and there would be an occasional vibration when light steering input was needed to counter a crosswind from the right. The shop ordered the parts and they should arrive on Friday. We scheduled the repair for next Tuesday. 


  1. Vibration in the steering, good to know in case I need to do a closer look at these parts under my own motorhome!

  2. The park looks nice. Good luck with the repairs too. Looks like we are going to miss you guys completely this round, as we are heading to Orange Beach, Alabama on Saturday. We are going to meet up with Toadmama and Mike though. 😊 I believe you said you are wintering in Florida, but if you get to Fredericksburg, TX at all, let us know!

    1. Our schedule this Fall has changed numerous times due to the lack of a toad. And the front end work is unexpected but isn’t really a surprise.