Sunday, October 31, 2021

Day 39, 40, 41 - Natchez Trace, TN - TT

Friday (39) - Another dreary day here in Tennessee. It's 54°F and I think that's going to be today's high temperature. Rain is in the forecast for today and tomorrow. I'm going to try and participate in a couple more test sessions today. We'll see how it goes today. Yesterday, I had my phone USB connected to the laptop. Today, I'll try going through the AT&T hotspot. One test session used about 1.2GB of data. Significant on the phone as it has only a 15GB/month data limit. The Hotspot has a 100GB/month limit. Still not a lot but I think it should be sufficient if we also use the two 30GB/month Verizon plans on Bridget's devices. Here at this campground, Verizon barely works. I did connect to the paid WiFi service at the campground which works fine only during the afternoon.

For the afternoon test session, I am going to try directly connecting to the Netgear router with an ethernet cable. 17.92GB at 2pm. 18.78 at 4:50 so just a bit less than 1 GB for the test session.

Saturday (40) - Only 52°F and wet today. But that was also the low-temperature last night too so I shouldn't be complaining. I'm doing test sessions today so it's something to do during the wet weather. The morning and afternoon sessions each used about 0.8GB of data according to the hotspot. I think that is reasonable. The only problem is when AT&T stops working like it did this afternoon in the middle of a test. They had to stop until I was able to re-connect. Not good. 

Sunday (41)
 - We finally have a nice day. Still kind of cool but at least we could dry things out such as the awning and the mat before storing. The campground WiFi has still been flaky but that could partly because of the number of users. Even with the weather, the place filled up for the weekend. Trick or treating was going strong last night. If you opted to pass out treats, you needed to register with the office. 

Today’s task was getting things stored as tomorrow is a travel day. Just a short distance but we are planning multiple stops on the way to pick up groceries and a prescription. Plus, fill up on diesel. We’ll see how it goes as the parking lots at the Kroger and Walgreens  look kind of cramped. 

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