Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Day 28, 29 - Brooken Cove - CoE

Monday (28) - It’s a really nice, 75°F day here at Brooken Cove Corps of Engineer campground in eastern Oklahoma. I set up the induction cooktop outside to make lunch with less mess around the stove. We have water and 50amp power but no sewer connection so in some ways, we still function as if we were dry camping. But don’t skimp on the electricity. I.e. Instant Pot, toaster, sous vide, induction cooktop, Keurig, water heater, heat pump, and A/C.

This has been our first month with the AT&T hotspot. With three days remaining in this billing period, we still have 15GB out of the original 100GB. I think… 

Tuesday (29) - Visited with multiple neighbors this morning over coffee. They live in the area and spend a month each Spring and Fall at this campground. It is a very nice 75°F this afternoon with a light breeze off of the lake. 

We had dinner with relatives in Stigler this evening and returned the borrowed truck. Tomorrow morning, we head towards St. Louis, MO, planning a stop midway at a Harvest Host farm. 

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