Friday, October 1, 2021

Day 8, 9, 10, 11 - Colorado

Tuesday (8) - Another fairly long driving day from Ogden, UT, to Fort Collins, CO. Galen and Cindy, friends we've made while on the road, offered their RV parking next to their home. Their class A is currently back at the factory getting a lot of warranty work done. Full hookups including 50amp power! Pretty nice. We had a wonderful visit.

Wednesday (9) - Today was a relatively short drive to Chatfield Lake State Park. The pull-through campsite had full hookups which we really needed as the next week will be dry camping. We are able to run multiple loads through the washer and start out with a full fresh water tank and empty grey and black tanks.

The real treat was being able to meet up with Dom, aka and he is letting us use the Suzuki Samarai to run some errands. Including, getting ready for the week of dry camping.

Thursday (10) - Picked up some engine oil and a quart of Lucas Oil Stabilizer which is what the mechanic at the Cat shop in Albany recommended. The oil level was only a bit over a quart low (out of 22 quarts) so I was able to add the oil additive. I checked the water in our flooded golf cart batteries and all of the cells were still full. Not bad after sitting all summer.

Friday (11) - This morning's task was rearranging some of our basement storage to fit a compressor refrigerator/freezer. It has a capacity of 50liters and runs on either 12VDC or AC. There is an AC outlet installed in this compartment as there used to be an old flat-screen TV on a swinging arm. The outlet is not powered off of the inverter so I need to wire a 12VDC connection into the compartment to run the portable refrigerator. There is a 12VDC light in the compartment that I installed some Anderson Powerpole connectors into. I cut the 12 volt cord that came with the refrigerator and added Anderson connectors. We'll see how it works with our batteries and solar over the next couple of days.

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