Sunday, October 17, 2021

Day 26, 27 - Brooken Cove - CoE

Saturday (26) - Bridget’s niece picked us up at the campground this morning and brought us into town to her brother’s home. He is generously letting us use his truck for a couple of days as there are very few businesses within walking distance. It’s a nice, bright red, late 90s half-ton Dodge. 

I picked up the battery kit for my iPhone X that I ordered from Amazon. Installation requires a heat gun, suction cups, and prying up on the glass screen. We’ll see how this goes…

It took quite a while to get the battery replaced. No pictures since the phone is my primary camera. But the  most challenging part was removing the adhesive used to hold the battery in place. The screen came off easier than I thought after the phone was heated with the heat gun. The directions say 155°F is a good target temperature. Now that it’s done, the phone appears to be working and is hooked up to the charger as the instructions suggest. The FaceID function is still not working. The battery was only 19% charged when initially installed. It is supposed to be a 3580 mAh compared to the original 2716mAh. We’ll see if there is any improvement.

Sunday (27) - We went on a walk along the beach. Not a sandy beach but pretty sticky, damp clay. The previous windy days had pushed the water quite a ways up the shallow shoreline. Today was clear and calm. 

I made plans for a Harvest Host stay in Missouri for Wednesday then on to Sullivan, MO, for several days. That’s about as far north as we are planning to venture at this time. After that, I believe we are headed for a Thousand Trails campground. 


  1. More battery capacity, if realized, is always a plus. :)

    1. It’s been only a couple of days but the battery isn’t as low as it has been by the end of the day and I’ve been using it pretty heavily.