Monday, October 4, 2021

Day 14 - Albuquerque, NM

Monday (13) - This morning, while waiting for the shuttle bus, we saw a lot of balloons heading our way. We are parked next to an open field that some choose to land on. It was kind of breezy at lower altitudes so some were moving pretty fast. Those higher up were almost stationary. This is just a sample of the hundred or so of the hot air balloons that went over our RV parking space. 

Around 9:30, we went to the launch field and RV Life and Lippert sponsored a corporate tent with free donuts and coffee. There were a number of presentations on a variety of RV related topics. At 11am, there was a meet and greet with several YouTube couples. Marc and Julie of RV Love, Nate and Marisa of Less Junk, More Journey, Phil and Stacy of You Me and the RV plus one more that I didn’t recognize. It was fun to meet them. 

Around 2pm, I started the generator so I could cook up a batch of rice in our fuzzy-logic rice cooker and hard boil some eggs in the Instant Pot. I also wanted to top up our batteries. While I was at it, I ran both A/C units to cool down the interior during the warmest time of day. After an hour the cooking was mostly done and the batteries were at only 91%. But it was still 81°F so I left the generator and A/C running.

The video below is a landing right in front of our rig.

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