Thursday, October 28, 2021

Day 36, 37, 38 - Natchez Trace, TN - TT

Tuesday (36) - We arrived in the area around 12:30 and ended up calling the RV park to find out how to get there. From the Natchez Trace Parkway, the Google Map route had us going under a 10’ underpass. The Garmin RV GPS had us turning onto a road that didn’t exist. We got good directions from the park ranger station that included cutting through a state park to get onto a different highway. 

Bridget scored a full-hookup site with 50amp power. It was just vacated this morning according to the neighbor. Can’t complain about that. There is AT&T but only around 3.5Mbps down and 0.5Mbps up. Not enough for Zoom so not going to participate in the tests. 

Last night, the furnaces ran our batteries down to just under 60%. I later discovered that I left the roof vent fan running all night. And one of the front windows was open. It had only dropped down to the mid-40s so the furnaces shouldn’t need to run as much as they did. Time for an evening checklist. 

Wednesday (37) - Today’s high is forecast to be 70°F though I’ll be surprised to see it. By mid-morning, it is sunny but only 56°F. 

I just got off of Jeep Chat and there is finally a change of status. 

“I can see all the required materials for your order have been gathered and the plant has sequenced your order for production, it should be entering the build very soon!”

This was verified by the salesman who said that there was now a ship date of 11-08-2021. I’ll believe that when it’s actually built or at least having a build sheet available. 

We rode the bikes to the campground store and the only bread they had was hot dog buns. That works for us. They did have a good selection of prepared foods but we already had lunch. No other stores in the area. Fortunately, Micky let us use her car while we were in Sullivan, MO.

Thursday (38) - A wet day today that started around midnight. Rain and some wind last night were followed by a power outage around 3 AM. Since I had the electric heater plugged into an outlet supplied by the inverter, I did get up and verify that the power was really out in the campground. I turned off the electric heater and switched things over from the heat pump to the furnace. The power came on a couple of hours later.

The AT&T hotspot seems to have enough bandwidth for Zoom today so I signed up for upcoming sessions. The campground WiFi seems to come and go randomly but when it’s working, YouTube seems to work okay. I have the video quality turned down to “data saver”. 

An email from Jeep Customer Care:

This is a courtesy email update regarding your Jeep Wrangler factory order status.

Good news! I show your order has been sequenced for production with all the parts necessary to begin building your order either being scheduled or gathered. 
I show your order has an estimated dealership delivery window reflected as the week of 11-01-21.  Please keep in mind, this timing is estimated and could be subject to change.”

There’s hope…


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    1. They haven't even built it yet so the 1Nov date is the beginning of the delivery window. According to the salesman, their system showed 8Nov as the ship date. Who knows when the actual delivery date is as it needs to be shipped to ID through Portland. Maybe another week after that…