Monday, October 11, 2021

Day 20, 21 - Amarillo, TX to Oklahoma City

Sunday (20) - Yesterday, I participated in the afternoon test session with our WiFi running through Verizon on Bridget’s iPad. Much faster than AT&T at this location. The throughput was sufficient to participate but I wouldn’t want to be a lead VE since the audio needs to be really clear through Zoom. After yesterday's 95°F temperature, today’s high is forecast for only 64°F. Quite the change,. I have been enjoying the indoor pool while we are here. That has been a nice treat. 

I used a heat gun on low to heat up the iPhone with the SIM card removed so there would be an opening in the phone. I used an infrared thermometer to make sure I didn’t heat the phone case up too much. But the heat gun was recommended to soften the glue inside of the iPhone by the iFixit website. Then, I had it sit in the bag of rice overnight. This morning, there was less condensation visible on the camera lenses and the phone started right up. It is sitting on the charger right now running. I'll try the heat gun again later.

Right now, I’m waiting for the special, Sunday afternoon test session to start. It is for a class and, I believe, there are eleven people signed up to take the exam. Almost all are for the technician class. I’m using an iPad-Mac feature to treat the iPad screen as a second monitor for the Mac. 

Monday (21) - A relatively short drive today to almost Oklahoma City. We are at an RV park in Yukon, OK, which is about 20 miles west. Kind of on the same side of town as the airport since Bridget is flying out tomorrow morning. Since we don't have a toad, we need to rely on Uber. This is a nice RV park. Full hookups, concrete pads, etc. Though the pool is closed for the winter as it's unheated. Unfortunate, since it's 75°F right now.

A unique feature of that I hadn't seen before are tornado shelters inside of the RV park. I guess we are in that part of the country. Right now, I'm trying out the campground WiFi for the test later this afternoon. 

I think we are staying here for four nights before moving on to another RV park on the other side of the state.

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