Monday, September 27, 2021

Day 6, 7 - Ogden, UT

Sunday - A shorter travel day at a bit over 300 miles. No ridiculous grades though we did spend much of the day between 3500 and 5500 ft elevation. You could see smoke during much of the drive though it doesn’t smell smoky here at the Cottonwood Campground - Willard Lake State Park. 

I think this is the first time we’ve stayed at a state park. They are usually full and the sites tend to be smaller. But this is pretty nice. Full hookups with 30amp power. It was really warm in the RV this afternoon. One A/C struggles to keep up. This state park is just off of I-15 so there’s a fair amount of traffic noise. 

After the last two travel days, we are stopped here for two nights to relax. Then we have a bit over 500 miles to a Colorado state park. 

 - I participated in a test session this morning using the new hotspot. It seemed to work fine though there was some occasional stuttering. I have the hotspot located right next to the cell booster antenna in the cabinet behind the front TV. So far, we have used 12GB of our 100GB limit but that includes all of the throughput tests in Fairbanks. There is an afternoon session as well that I had signed up for but as of this morning, there weren't any candidates. But by the afternoon, someone signed up.

Our travel plans changed a bit. We were originally thinking of stopping at a Walmart in Rock Springs, WY, but the weather doesn't look very good. Some friends offered us an RV space in Fort Collins, CO. So tomorrow will be another long driving day through the entire state of Wyoming. I believe the Garmin says 7½ hours.

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