Friday, September 24, 2021

Day 3, 4 - Corvallis, OR

Thursday - We are on the road again. A short 190 mile day down to the Benton Oaks RV Park in Corvallis, OR. I did notice that full throttle wasn’t always needed as we are not towing the Prius. It’ll be interesting to see what the fuel mileage is without the car. 

Once we arrived, I opened up the back of the refrigerator and saw a big flake of rust sitting on the burner. I vacuumed the compartment and banged on the chimney to loosen any other flakes of rust. The refrigerator is running on propane now. Hopefully it’s fixed. 

When I was plugging the cables into the front TV, I accidentally dropped the TV. It was on older LCD TV and only 720p resolution and drew 180watts so not too upset by it. I moved the smaller TV from the bedroom to the front and it works fine. I may even recess it into the cabinet. Or, we may look for another TV. 

The weather is pretty nice here in Corvallis. Much better than it was back in Fairbanks. Tomorrow, it’s forecasted to be 87°F!

Friday - Fortunately, it’s not 87°F. Only 82°F. My sister and brother in-law generously lent us their Prius for the afternoon so we were able to pick up my mom and run some errands. We stopped at the Team Oregon office and visited with Brad and Brandy for a bit. The first picture is my mom and Brad in case the masks are confusing things.

The second picture is Brandy and Bridget. It was nice to visit with them for at least a bit. They were getting ready to head to the coast with their RV. 

The refrigerator died again on propane last night around midnight. This morning, I removed the igniter wire and the ceramic insulator. I cleaned everything with alcohol and reinstalled it taking care to have the tip around ⅛” from burner. It fired up right away when I switched to propane. We’ll try it again tonight. 


  1. Glad you're in the lower 48, and hope that means you have your Jeep???