Saturday, September 25, 2021

Day 5 - Nampa, ID

Saturday - A long travel day. Right around 500 miles. We were originally thinking of staying at the Walmart in Meridian, ID, but I kind of remembered there being a Cracker Barrel here as well. Given a choice, Cracker Barrel wins every time. 

We drove along the Columbia River instead of the more direct route through Bend as the time was almost identical. Nice scenery though I didn’t look forward to the steep uphills. Tomorrow is a shorter travel day to a state park near Ogden, UT. I like the first day to be a long one. 

BTW, the refrigerator ran all night and most of the day on propane. It switched to AC when I started the generator to run the rooftop A/C units. It was mid-80s once we left the Columbia River. The picture is actually in the Sportsman Warehouse parking lot. I moved the RV this morning when the CB parking lot was empty. The TSD fuel program is still saving us $$$. The discount at Baker City was over $50! (20%)


  1. 500 miles... that's quite the distance. Are you on the run? ;-)