Thursday, November 4, 2021

Day 44, 45 - Chapel Hill, TN - SP

Wednesday (44)
 - We are still at the state park campground. This is an owl as part of a display near the campground office. Bridget’s brother will be picking us up later to visit her niece at their farm a short distance northwest of here. It’s only 45°F right now and I should probably disconnect our water hose tonight in case it drops below freezing. I’ll wait until the washer is done. Even though we don’t have a sewer connection at the site, we can still run the washing machine as it’s water consumption is modest. Something like 8-10 gallons per load. The heat pump is still doing a reasonable job of keeping us warm though I did switch to the furnaces around 5 this morning as the heat pump was running in defrost mode quite often. 

Today’s Jeep update:
I am showing all of the materials needed to start the build process have been received. The vehicle should be entering the build process shortly.

Pretty similar to last week’s update except for two words.  “Gathered” is now “received” and “very soon” is now “shortly”. Still no build sheet so not a lot of faith in the 11-8-2021 ship date.

Thursday (45) - Yesterday afternoon was spent with some of Bridget’s family on their farm not too far from here. They have a beautiful home with a lot of handmade features and furniture. This is the barn/garage that they built. 

Tomorrow, we are heading back to the TT park where we were last week


  1. Oh the waiting! You two are made of tougher stuff than I when it comes to patience!