Saturday, November 27, 2021

Day 4, 5 - Yemassee, SC - TT

Friday (4) - A relaxing day today. Two test sessions and finished up the TV install up front and moved the other TV back to the bedroom. The front TV is an NEC and I wasn’t able to get the universal remote to control it. All that’s left is re-installing the bottom of the cabinet and moving the passenger side cabinet door about ¼" towards the door. The cabinet door touches the TV when opened. I also need to wrap the upper bar with vinyl tape to keep the mount from sliding while we are traveling. 

Saturday (5) - Right now, I'm waiting for the morning test session to start. I did get both cabinet doors moved towards the outside. One of the catches appears to be broken but I do have spares. Other than that, we just started to get things packed up for a travel day tomorrow. There were a lot of leaves on the roof after two weeks in the same location. I believe that this is the longest we've stayed in one place since this road trip started again in September. The break from traveling has been a nice change of pace. Tomorrow is a modest travel day followed by a very short day on Monday.

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