Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Day 56, 57, 58 - Yemassee, SC - TT

Monday (56) - Participated in another ham exam today. Since they are all scheduled for Alaska time, the morning exam occurs around 1pm. That’s fine as I was able to sit outside enjoying the warmer temps. Note the emphasis on “warmer” not warm. The campground has analog cable TV but the picture is much better on the over-the-air channels. The roof-mounted antenna needs to be replaced and I have the new one but I was going to wait for some 70°F weather since I need to remove the old Dicor. 

While we are on televisions, my son offered us an older 42” TV including a much sturdier VESA mount. Based on my measurements, it should just fit in the space. I may modify the mounting to recess it into the cabinet a bit.

Tuesday (57) - Doing another test session outside today. It's 70°F today after an overnight low of around  40°F. I think that the days are only going to get warmer for a while. I think there are plans to go to Hilton Head waterfront/beach areas tomorrow or Thursday. 

Jeep update. Basically, no new information. This is from the dealer screen that the salesman sent me today. As you can see, the last update was over a week ago.

Wednesday (58)
 - This morning, we drove to Hilton Head. A crowded, tourist-y location. We had lunch at the Big Bamboo Cafe after walking to the beach. It was cool-ish due to a light breeze and a few clouds. 

I had the “Kiss of Death Vindaloo Curry”. I was expecting an extremely hot curry but it was sweet and spicy with chicken. Very tasty.

We then headed to the lighthouse but there were a lot of people inside a very small space. We then headed for a nature preserve to walk off lunch (and my bourbon pecan ice cream!). Very peaceful though the mosquitoes were out as the area was very wet. 


  1. Sounds like a good couple of days....except for the crowds but what can you do, you're on the east coast after all. Didn't I just recycle a TV for you? I think it was 42"....

    1. I was more than happy with the small TV from the bedroom but Bridget preferred something a bit larger.