Saturday, November 20, 2021

Day 61 - Back to AK

Saturday (61) - Even though it’s only been 61 days since we arrived in the lower 48 I’m headed up early in order to get appointments. Around 90 days I would be running into the holiday rush. A very poor itinerary. Charleston, SC, to Charlotte, (NC) to Newark, NJ, to Seattle, WA, to Fairbanks. With an hour or so at each stop. Oh well. Right now, I’m on the first leg in Charleston, SC.

Some Jeep news. According to a Jeep Customer Service email, the delivery window is somewhere between Dec 8 and Dec 13. This was reinforced by an email from the salesman who included a screenshot of what they see on their system. We are still left with the challenge of getting the Jeep from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast. 

Later - Now waiting at the Charlotte, NC, airport for the next leg of the trip. This airport seems crowded or maybe not as many places to sit and wait. Lots of restaurants. And, completely unexpected, I’m in 1st class on an American flight!

Even Later - Now, I’m in the Newark, NJ, boarding area. The view out the window is, I’m pretty sure, New York City. The green of the Statue of Liberty is barely visible around the center of the picture. I think Alaska Air only has one gate at this airport and this airport is crowded. No complaints at all on the American Airlines flights. We left sort of on time and arrived early on both flights. On this next leg, I’ve been upgraded to “Premium Class”. Which in Alaska Air-speak means a little more leg room. Only two more flights…

Much Later - The third leg done. Newark to Seattle is a long flight. Less than an hour before the last leg back to Alaska. We arrived on time but sat on the ramp for twenty minutes waiting for a ramp crew. Fail for Alaska Airlines. After all, Seattle is their “home” airport. I ended up walking off one gate and immediately boarding at the next gate over. 


  1. Good news on the Jeep. I volunteer to drive you to the airport if you need to fly to Idaho to drive back to Florida. That itinerary sounds arduous. I can’t imagine being around crowds of people again after living in campgrounds for six months! Not yet mention having to keep a mask on the whole time. Safe travels!

    1. Thank you! We are still in the planning stage as it’s hard to make firm plans without real, concrete information.