Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Day 50 - Finally!

This may not mean that they actually started to assemble the Jeep but at least the process has started. I’ll log into Jeep Chat later today to see where it is in the process. 

Here is a snippet from the Jeep Chat this afternoon:

The Jeep has been built and it's in the ship stage but there is not a current ETA for arrival at the dealer. The Jeep's are shipped out in lots, so more then likely it is waiting for a full load of vehicles to ship before that ETA is finalized. 

 So I guess it actually has been assembled. Now we get to wait some more.


  1. I hoped they get a truckload including your Jeep out on the road soonest!

    1. We’ll see. It travels to Portland by train before being transferred to a truck. On the Jeep forum, folks say that it takes 5-9 days for shipping.