Friday, November 19, 2021

Day 59, 60 - Yemassee, SC - TT

Thursday (59) - The current project is redoing the front cabinet to hold a larger TV. This RV originally came with a TV with a picture tube so I’m pretty sure the cabinet itself can handle the weight. The weight of the previous flat screens was hanging on the wood surround. Not particularly sturdy. I’m redoing it so that the weight will be primarily on the metal plates which are welded to the roof beams.

We went to Beaufort, SC, and walked around the historic district and the waterfront. A very quiet and relaxing stop especially when compared to Hilton Head. 

We had also stopped at a cidery north of here. No pies or cookies but they did have their own brand of pasta sauce. That sounded interesting to me. Next stop, the hardware store for TV mounting hardware. 

Friday (60) - It took most of my day to get this installed. The 3/4” AC plywood is supported from the ceiling aluminum beams and not by the wood cabinet. To cut the plywood and 1”x4” board, I picked up a rechargeable circular saw. For the cost of a bare tool (no battery or charger) there was a combo which included the saw, a 1/2” drill, two batteries, and the battery charger. Why does this sound off…

Oh well. The project is mostly done. I just need a hole for the cables and re-install the bottom of cabinet.

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