Sunday, November 7, 2021

Day 46, 47, 48 - Natchez Trace, TN - TT

Friday (46)
 - We are back at the Natchez Trace TT park as the Henry Horton state park was booked for the weekend. We are fortunate to snag a sewer site so we can do laundry. We actually did do a couple of loads at the state park without sewer but it does tend to fill our grey tank to the tune of ~18% per load. The temperature was supposed to get below freezing last night so we used propane heat. Tonight, it’s supposed to be in the 30s (°F) again tonight so more propane. The site only has 30amp power so we will need to be more conservative with our power consumption.  

When we arrived here last time, we noticed that our tailpipe had fallen off somewhere. I know that it was on there pretty solidly as I tried to rotate it slightly last year. Anyway, it’s now double clamped in case the welded on nuts break off. I’m assuming that’s why the old one came off. $300 at a truck stop or $60 on Amazon. Which would you choose? With it missing, we were getting diesel exhaust fumes inside while driving down the highway. 

Saturday (47) - Cool but sunny day with near-freezing temperatures at night. Wonderful friends (Diary of a Family on YouTube) are here across the street in the RV park. Garrett has an RV tech business and I had just picked up a replacement water pump on Amazon. He installed it in the very awkward location under the refrigerator. I appreciate his willingness to work on older RVs such as this one. I think I would've gotten pretty frustrated with the cramped location.

We finished off the day with a Nomad Church service on Zoom led by Canadian full-time RVers (Living Light RV). The Internet dropped off a couple of times 

Sunday (48)
 - The dog kennel is assembled again as we will be dropping off the RV at a front end shop tomorrow to get the tie rod ends replaced. And we can’t leave the animals in the RV. The portable freezer/refrigerator will be used so we can turn off the propane while it’s in the shop. I have been using up the food for the last week or so getting ready for this going into the shop. 

While I was up on the roof sweeping off the acorns and leaves, I noticed that the TV antenna was practically falling off. The plastic is almost like powder it’s so dried out. Rather than try glueing the pieces together I’ll just replace it. For now, I drilled a few holes and used screws to keep antenna from blowing off the roof. I just thought all of the branches pointing straight up was a bit unusual. 


  1. When you'd mentioned to me about picking up a water pump, I thought it was to have a spare...didn't realize you were having trouble with it.

    As to the TV antenna, I got rid of mine, using the mast for the weBoost cellular booster. I hardly ever watch TV while camping, if I get the urge I think I'll try one of those OTA antennas for TVs. Thanks very much for your battery knowledge lessons today!

    1. The old water pump would lose its prime and took a while to re-prime itself. And, occasionally, it would just start to run and not stop.

      I just ordered a new antenna as I occasionally watch OTA TV.