Sunday, February 2, 2020

Day 85 - Lakehills, TX - TT

Only an hour or so from the Cracker Barrel to the Medina Lake Thousand Trail campground. We will be here for over two weeks so I’m glad that we found a nice, long, reasonably flat site. It’s even paved. We are surrounded by trees and junipers. It is a 30amp site but that just means that we need to be conscious of what is running power-wise. e.g. Can’t run heat pump + microwave + Keurig all at the same time. This RV has a device that monitors power and can control the front A/C (heat pump), water heater, rear A/C, washer/dryer and power things off as needed. Convenient device.

We went to the local grocery store. Not much as far as actual groceries such as produce. I think it’s geared to people out for a weekend on the lake. Tomorrow, Bridget will be taking me to the airport.

The deer picture was while walking to the pool this evening. 

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