Saturday, February 1, 2020

Day 83, 84 - Last Day in Big Bend

Friday (83) - A windy day and near freezing last night. We drove back to Panther Junction Visitors Center this morning. The movie was pretty good and explained the history of the park and some of the unique features. It seems ironic that most of the incredible views and footage were aerial shots and visitors are not allowed to fly drones. They even state in the video that Big Bend is best seen from above.

I put the main slide in today for multiple reasons. The last couple of times it was very slow to move. But if I operated the slide key lock a couple of times, it worked fine. Since it’s windy today, I’ll leave the slide in. Today is day 83 which means a trip north to home is coming up very soon. I leave Monday afternoon for Fairbanks arriving in the middle of the night. I try to avoid doing that but there are very few Alaska Air flights out of San Antonio.

Saturday (84) - We made it to Kerrville, TX, which made for a 400 mile, eight hour day. Kind of on the long side. We are staying behind a Cracker Barrel so dinner was easy with no cleanup. Tomorrow will be a short day to another Thousand Trails campground. Check-in time is noon but hopefully there will be some that left early.

Filled up again using the TSD Logistics program and saved $33 on 64 gallons of diesel. Over $100 saved on the last three fill ups. 

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