Thursday, February 6, 2020

Day 1 - Enroute to TX

I'll count today as Day 1 as I was only in Alaska for half an hour. My flight left Fairbanks at 12:30am AKST and arrived in Seattle around 4:30am PST. The next leg of my trip leaves at noon so there was over seven hours of "free time". If you have an Alaska Airlines credit card, you can get a day pass for the Alaska Lounge for $25. That seemed reasonable for a comfortable seat, fast WiFi, complimentary espresso drinks and breakfast. Without an Alaska Airlines credit card, it's $50. Probably not worth it. I should arrive in Texas at around 6pm. So another really long day.

Seattle is definitely an Alaska Airlines hub. From my seat I count over twenty Alaska planes. It looks cold and rainy. The clouds are blocking any view of the mountains. The only thing that I forgot in my haste was my hat and gloves. But I shouldn’t be needing them again for a while. I kept switching things around trying to balance things out since I’m only doing carry-on. A backpack and a messenger bag (freebie from a meeting).

It looks like I’ll be returning home one more time on this snowbird trip around the beginning of May.

Yet another gate change. The fourth one so far this morning.

Spoke too soon. Gate change number 5...

Arrived back at the campground around 8pm. The narrow, winding roads seem even more so after dark. I’m not sure how much sleep I got on the flight but it wasn’t much.


  1. The gate number change reminds me of the movie Airplane!

    1. I remember the movie but I don’t remember ever seeing it.