Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Back in Fairbanks

Lots of time sitting in airports and planes yesterday. 4:35 from San Antonio to Seattle and 3:45 from Seattle to Fairbanks. Over eight hours in the air. Plus a two hour layover in Seattle. I arrived in Fairbanks at 2AM. The ibuprofen was needed in Seattle. I really don’t like flying but I think I’ve said that before. I am really glad that Kyle was willing to pick me up this morning.

Picking up a permanent registration and tags for the Prius was straightforward at the alternate for-profit DMV office on the Old Steese Hwy. And I was even able to get the registration laminated and pick up a newer style license plate for the car (the one with the bear in the middle of the plate). West Valley Vision adjusted my new glasses so they don't fall off. I picked up Bridget's hearing aid. Dropped my Planet Fitness membership and there ate two reasons. One, we never used it while traveling as we thought we might and second, the one time I did try, the Planet Fitness location couldn't look up my membership. The manager at this facility said that they could've called but apparently they didn't want to be bothered. I also picked up my university Macbook Pro from being repaired. I'm using it to type this post while my applications and photos are downloading from iCloud.

I stopped at Sunshine for coffee this morning and got to meet with many of the regulars. It was good to see them again. I met a colleague for lunch at Lemon Grass. And lastly, I stopped at the RV storage location and paid until the end of May. They were having trouble using the card number that I had given them. I think that's about all of the planned tasks for this trip.

It's well above 0°F in contrast to the really cold temperatures just a few days ago. I'll take credit for bringing the warm weather with me from Texas…

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