Thursday, February 27, 2020

Day 20, 21, 22 - Harlingen, TX - TT

Tuesday (20) - Sitting outside the RV again enjoying the warmer temperatures but the 85% humidity seems a bit high. Rain is in the forecast again so I’ll wait until a little later in the week before working on the roof seams again. I picked up a couple more tubes of Dicor self-leveling sealant in El Paso but then realized that I didn’t have a caulk gun with me. I assumed that I had packed it but didn’t. Anyway, they are cheap and I picked one up in Walmart. Now, I’m just waiting for a warm, dry day with no rain in the forecast for a couple of days.

The picture is of the Mardi Gras golf cart parade. Maybe a dozen carts suitably decorated and they threw out beads and candy. Other than that, just worked on a couple of maintenance tasks. Nothing critical or difficult. More just stuff I’ve been putting off. To the right is the Port Isabel Lighthouse that we saw yesterday on our way back from South Padre Island. There used to be a string of lighthouses along the gulf coast but this is apparently the last one standing.

Wednesday (21) - Windy! Enough that I brought in two of the slides due to the flapping of the slide toppers. Last night, the wind was from NNE but now it’s NNW. Slight difference, plus the forecast is for the wind to start decreasing by this afternoon. Last night, I went outside to see how windy it really was versus what it sounded like. It really was pretty windy.

I took the bike out and with very little effort, 30 mph when going with the wind. Riding into the wind, pedaling plus battery will get 15 mph. Sure beats just pedaling.

Sous vide salmon fillet today. 128°F for 40 minutes with lemon and thyme. This is one of the best ways to cook salmon (imho). After dinner, I’m now sitting in the jacuzzi now that the wind has died down. It’s only 57°F now and it never did get very warm today. Tonight’s low is forecast to be above freezing but still going to be cold...

Thursday (22) - Last nights (or more accurately this mornings) low temperature was 37°F. It was the first time we’ve used the propane furnace since we arrived here. Up until now we’ve been able to just use the heat pump. Cheaper for us since electricity is no additional charge. And, since this Encore park is part of our TT membership. It warmed up nicely and was a very comfortable 67°F by late afternoon.

I was finally able to order the SeeLevel II tank sensors. Delivery to a TX address is free. Delivery in Fairbanks was $54. And, since it is not Prime, I couldn’t use an Amazon locker. We are having them delivered to a friends home north of Austin. On Monday, we head north to another TT campground south of Dallas but we are breaking up the trip into two driving days. The SeeLevel II system has a resolution of ⅜” and the sensors are mounted outside of the tank. I’ll probably try to install the system at the next RV park as we’ll be there for a bit over two weeks.

Today’s project was fixing the step light and making butter chicken in the Instant Pot. And cooking the jasmine brown rice at the same time in a separate container (pot in pot). In this picture, the glass bowl with the rice is on top of the tomatoes, chicken and carrots. The rest of the seasonings get added after the chicken is cooked. 


  1. Looking forward to your report on the SeeLevel system.

    1. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the system. The challenge will be finding suitable locations for the sensors.