Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Day 0 - Leaving Fairbanks

A couple days in the snow isn’t that bad as long as nothing broke down or got stuck. The truck had one low tire but the air compressor was maybe 10’ away so that really wasn’t any kind of hardship. I met some wonderful friends for lunch. We went to what used to be Wasabi Bay and is now a second location for Irashai on South Cushman. I had kimchi with rice in a smoking hot stone bowl kind of like dolsot bibimbap. Very good!

No other errands. I discovered that the serial number of my MacBook Pro is no longer in the firmware on the logic board. Without the serial number, several Apple services are unable to authenticate and aren’t available. The one that I miss is the being able to unlock the screen with my Apple Watch. That is a super convenient feature.

It’s going to be another long day with my flight leaving Fairbanks at 12:30am followed by a seven hour layover in Seattle. I arrive back in TX at around 6pm tomorrow evening.

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