Monday, February 10, 2020

Day 3, 4, 5 - Medina Lake, TX - TT

Saturday (3) - We rode the e-bikes down to the lake today before the predicted rain. And since rain is in the forecast for a while, I went ahead and packed up the bikes afterward. It was only 51°F so it is still not warm. If it continues to be cold at night, I may have to pick up some more propane. This campground is broken up into two sections located about ½ mile apart. One is next to the lake and the other is near the entrance. We are near the entrance.

All of the non-functional power pedestals are painted red and I think that maybe as many as half of the sites. Quite a few of the sites don’t have sewer connections and most only have 30 amp power. This must be one of the older parks that a lot of people complain about within the Thousand Trails system.

Sunday (4) - Very humid today and kind of warm at 77°F. Too cold, too hot, too humid, too sunny, too much rain... Some people are never happy. The forecast is for thunderstorms for the next couple of days and the forecasted low for tonight is 64°F! We went into town to pick up some stuff this morning. The RV supply store was closed as I guess state law in Texas prohibits you to show or shop for vehicles. No kidding! That’s what the sign said at the RV dealer. We stopped at H-E-B, which seems to be the dominant grocery store chain around here. Good prices. Fresh shrimp was cheaper than frozen and less than half the price of Fairbanks. Regular gas seems to average about $1.85/gal.

Monday (5) - The Spettel Riverside House is on the campground property right next to the pool. It was moved here from its previous location next to the river before the dam was finished. Medina Lake is a man-made reservoir. Some others told us that the lake was almost dry last year with shrubs growing where there is currently water. People were driving in the bottom of the lake. Medina Lake is privately owned and not a Corp of Engineer project. The dam needed repair and, I was told, that it has been turned over to Corp so it would be repaired. Since it now holds water I’m assuming that it was repaired.

The Riverside House isn’t restored or open in any way. There is just the sign. The house kind of fits in with the feel of the campground. I thought about moving to a different site this morning as there were a couple of them around us that were more open. Plus they had sewer connections that were in better condition.

Bridget is thinking about going into San Antonio tomorrow so, hopefully, I’ll have more content. 

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