Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Day 6 - Streaming Services

Something a little different, video streaming services we use while on the road. There is a series on Apple’s streaming service, Apple TV+, that I just finished watching called For All Mankind. It shows an alternate  reality where the Soviets landed on the moon before Apollo 11. It was pretty good though the streaming service itself could be better. YouTube will scale back resolution and frame rate when there is a lot of network congestion. Apple TV+ just stops working rather than deliver a less than HD video. I prefer the YouTube method. When I was at the Seattle airport using WiFi in the Alaska Air Lounge (very fast) I downloaded a couple of the last episodes of this season to my phone. The app refused to play them over an HDMI cable to the TV claiming not allowed probably due to copyright. Annoying.

I got the Apple TV+ subscription free for one year with our Apple TV purchase. We also have a year of Disney+ courtesy of Verizon. We pay for Netflix and Amazon Prime. But all of these streaming services require Internet bandwidth which is sort of iffy within most campgrounds. Netflix and Amazon Prime downloads play on the TV without a problem. Disney+ downloads seem to have the same restriction as Apple TV+. But, they all work fine when I use the Apple TV appliance. But that needs WiFi to work. I occasionally connect our router to the Internet using the iPad as a hotspot but there is a 10gig limit from Verizon.

Some of the other programs that I’ve watched recently are Imagineering on Disney+, two seasons of Mars on Netflix, Snoopy in Space on Apple TV+, Aeronauts on Prime, Mandalorian on Disney+, and I started watching The Expanse on Prime. Hmmm, lots of space videos. Maybe I’m in a rut…

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