Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Day 80 - Big Bend National Park

Another short drive from Marfa to Rio Grande Village within Big Bend National Park. It is an RV park that is operated by the store but is within the park boundaries. After setting up in the paved parking lot (still plenty of room between rigs), we headed back up the road for a short hike. This is from the Boquillas Canyon trail looking over the Rio Grande River. Mexico is the left bank.

A little further up the canyon the river narrows a bit and the trail ends where the banks get pretty steep. The water is very slow moving and there is a crossing a short ways from this point that is open Tuesday - Sunday 8am to 5pm. No bridge so you can either hire a boat or wade across. Then walk into town.

Very nice and warm today at 72°F. The low will still be in the high 30s. Last night, it was in the mid 30s and even with the block heater on for 45 minutes, the engine was still a bit hard to start. Yesterday, I had the block heater on for 2 hours and it started easily but I don’t think it was as cold. The elevation of Marfa was around 5000 feet. Here in Big Bend, we are at 2000 feet. We will be here for several days exploring. I have never been to this national park so I’m not really sure what there is to see.


SonjaM said...

Looks like there is hoar frost in the trees. Or is it already blooming period?

RichardM said...

Definitely not frost but there are new leaves on many trees and shrubs.

Conchscooter said...

Take a five dollar boat ride to Boquillas. It looks a lot more organized than when I was in Big Bend in 1981 (what a surprise!).

RichardM said...

I think that is on the itinerary sometime, maybe tomorrow.