Sunday, January 26, 2020

Day 78 - San Elizario, TX - HH

A very short drive today though I got turned around several time getting here. And the GPS was getting confused as well. We are at Licon Dairy, another Harvest Host stop. A small, 4th generation family business that makes asadero cheese also known as oaxaca cheese. They have a small restaurant to highlight their cheese.

There is a petting zoo as well and it seems to be a very popular stop for families especially since today is Sunday. There are some unusual animals here such camel, llama and ostrich. Thank you to Licon Dairy for allowing RVs to use your parking lot.

The pano below was taken yesterday evening from a colleagues home in the hills above El Paso. The sunlight illuminating the mountains from under the clouds was hard to pass up. We had homemade paella and caribou pot pie. Delicious dinner and wonderful company celebrating Australia Day. Thank you Craig and Vanessa for your hospitality!


  1. Nice pano vom the El Paso 'skyline'.

    1. They really do have a great view from their pool...This is looking north.