Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Day 67 - Boondocking With Dom

We were originally headed to Benson, AZ, but we decided to meet up with Dom aka He checked with Picacho Peak State Park and they had space for us. But he thought that there may be enough room in the BLM site where he had been staying. There was but it’s a pretty tight fit for our coach. The site was level enough that we could put out the slides. He said that he had forgotten how large this RV was.

It is always nice to visit with Dom.

Tomorrow morning, we will continue on to Benson. 


  1. Awesome you guys could meet up. Hope there will be some riding involved while you're there.

  2. And I hear he shared our secret family recipe for UDON- which is take a LT turn into the fridge section of Costco, and usually on an end cap storage unit you'll find the noodle kits. Thanks for checking in on the Mr. and sending proof of his survival.