Thursday, January 16, 2020

Day 68 - Benson, AZ - TT

Today was a short travel day that ended up feeling longer. After leaving the BLM boondocking area, we stopped for some diesel as we were under ¼ tank and I don’t like to run low. Personality quirk. I didn’t want to fill up at that station as I wanted to try out the TSD fuel discount program. Just west of Benson is a Love’s truck stop that is part of their program and the diesel price listed on the sign was $3.229 per gallon. The discounted price was $2.609 per gallon. TSD charges an fee of 10% of the discount so on this transaction it would be $4.50 so the net savings would be $40.48 or about 18%. That seems worth the trouble. The other benefit is I don’t need to prepay like I usually do when using the truck lanes. I’ll take a 60¢/gal discount.

We are back at the Encore RV park just south of Benson, AZ, again for a couple of days. The light rain and driving through Tucson traffic added to the “long day” feeling even though it wasn’t that bad. Unloading the car and setting up in the rain isn’t that much fun but this is the first time it’s happened so I shouldn’t really be complaining. At least it isn’t snowing!


  1. Good seeing you and Bridget again! .60/gallon discount is nothing to sneeze at! The Good Sam discount I got this morning for gas at a Flying J was .72, total. Not as great.

    1. Especially when you are getting 70+ gallons. This program is for diesel only and only in the truck lanes at selected truck stops. (There are a lot of them)