Monday, January 13, 2020

Day 65 - Forgot How To Count

Sunny and warmish at the pool today. The forecast for tomorrow is 70°F. That must mean it’s time for us to head out. Last year when we were here, the temperature finally went above 70°F the day before we left. BTW, this watch face showed up after one of the recent updates. It shows local sunrise and sunset on the main face for your location.

The air hose on my 12VDC compressor bit the dust today. I’m thinking of trying to find appropriate fittings to just install a quick release air fitting and just use the air hose setup for the coach. It worked fine when I added air to the Prius tires (35psi) but when I hooked it up to the coach (110psi) it started to leak from a crack in the hose. Oh well, cheap compressor purchased from Camping World a few years back.

I finally checked the engine oil, it’s just a little below the full mark. And no evidence of diesel in the oil. That’s good. I put my e-bike into the storage bay and was surprised that it fit upright. I had assumed that I had tried before to put it in upright. It has about an inch of clearance. Maybe I had tried it with the seat installed. Until now, I just laid it on it’s side inside of the storage compartment and was concerned about bending something.

While sitting here, I was looking at the title of this post and thought that I must have messed up by a few days in the number of days somewhere. I was planning on being back in Fairbanks at around 85-86 days and according to my numbering, it was 91. Something was wrong. It turns out that at after day 55, I typed 60 instead of 56. So I just needed to edit the last half dozen posts. It had me wondering if I had forgotten how to count. So this is really day 64 unless you count the travel day.

6:30 pm, still nice


  1. Theres a lot going on with that watch face. Is the time 1:48ish?

    1. There is a lot of things on the face. The oddest one is the upper left corner. It measures sound pressure level using the the microphone on the watch. And the time is 1:48. The analog face can be changed to digital. The sunrise/sunset is local time and based on your gps location.