Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Day 57, 58, 59 -

Sunday (57) - Another sunny, calm day and my roll of Eternabond tape came in. Back up on the roof to seal the other vent. I also noticed that the Dicor sealant along the edge where the awning is attached has some minor cracks so I will pick up some Dicor tomorrow when we go into town.

Monday (58) - Windy again but almost 70°F. I’m sitting at the pool enjoying the warm-ish breeze. We picked up, of all things, a sewing machine from Walmart. I checked Amazon and it was only $4 cheaper. Joanne’s was $70 more. We also picked up some curtain panels. The idea is to make up some new curtains for the windshield. The original ones look pretty dingy with water stains along the bottom probably from condensation. The original drapes are pleated and the new panels aren’t. We’ll see how they look. I could get pleat tape and hooks on Amazon it needed.

I just got notified by Amazon that the SeeLevel II tank monitor was not available in the Amazon warehouse like they indicated on their site.The cancelled the order. I could order from another vendor but they can’t get it here by the time we leave this location. And, like many other vendors, they won’t ship to Alaska…

Tuesday (59) - Not much going on. High cirrus meant that we didn’t reach very far into the 60s (°F) today. But at least it isn’t very windy. Zipped into Fort Mojave for some thread but somehow the list expanded to more items (coffee, tension rods, etc.). Hard to go in for only one item... The curtain project is just waiting for curtain header tape. Amazon claims delivery tomorrow but I doubt it.

It’s 6:50 and I just got back from the jacuzzi (for the 2nd time today) and feel completely relaxed. It’s the best feature of this RV park. 


  1. Well, its not like you don't have room for that sewing machine! :)

    1. First the fire pit, then the sewing machine. The storage bays still have a lot of room and I suspect that we are nowhere near the 4000 lbs of carrying capacity…