Monday, January 20, 2020

Day 72 - Deming, NM - HH

A very windy drive today to Deming, NM, with gusts to 30+ mph. Mostly from the east so headwinds and crosswinds for most of the drive combined with a slight uphill grade. Average gas mileage today, according to the newly discovered built-in trip computer, was only 5.9 mpg. Once we passed the continental divide, the winds started to die down and are almost non-existent here in Deming. We were enjoying the sun while it was out as rain is in the forecast for tomorrow.

We are dry camping in the parking lot of the D.H. Lescombes Winery through their affiliation with Harvest Hosts. It’s a pretty big parking lot with room for a lot of vehicles as they have live music on some weekends. Since it’s Monday, the lot is pretty empty. On the left is the view to the southwest from the parking lot. This was also one of the few places that wanted to see our HH membership card and they made a copy of it. The bistro here onsite is open until 7pm and I must admit that their Italian sandwich sounds pretty tasty.

This is where we are parked. Currently, there are 5 other RVs here in the parking lot. Which is more than any other Harvest Hosts we’ve stayed at. Not that it’s crowded or anything. We went in and did a tasting a left with a couple of bottles. A sweet plum wine and a Hatch Green Chile wine which is actually made with green chiles. Both were pretty tasty and you can definitely smell the chiles.

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