Thursday, January 2, 2020

Day 54 - Still in Needles

This picture was actually taken on Tuesday when it was pretty windy. But it was warm. At least into the 60s (°F). I didn’t go anywhere since I was waiting for the propane truck. I was trying to see how reliable the gauge on the tank was. It read just under ⅛. The gauge is accurate as it took 21.3 gallons to fill it back to 80% (22.9 gallons).

We had neighbors for a couple of days around New Years Eve. They had brought this sheet metal fire pit, some wood and an axe but decided that they wanted a Solo fire pit instead. They were just going to put it out by the dumpster so I asked if we could have it. They threw in the axe and the firewood. The axe looks almost unused. Incredibly generous of them! I’m getting ready to make some kindling. All we need is some newspaper and cardboard.

We will be here in Needles for another couple of weeks before we start to head east towards Texas. It’s been a long time since I was in Texas and it was all work related. We will be taking advantage of our Thousand Trails membership and have already reserved well into March.

Another thing, after seeing several YouTube videos on the service, I signed up with TSD Logistics for a fuel card. They opened up their long distance trucking fuel program to RVers to increase their volume and get better discounts. They send you a fuel card and PIN that works at truck stops (truck lanes only) and TSD Logistics get charged for the fuel. They then debit you for the discounted price. They negotiate discounts with the different chains and you use an app to find the negotiated price so you can shop for the best deal. I was skeptical for a while but other RVers, including some that I have confidence in, are reporting significant fuel savings averaging around 65¢/gal. On 75 gallons per fill up, that adds up pretty quick. Other users on the FB group are reporting the best discounts are at Love’s and TA. I’m looking forward to not only the discount but not having to go into the store to pre-pay for the fuel.

Today was another windy day but we rode the bikes around a bit. The electric motor made the headwind less of an issue.

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