Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Day 11 - No Go

Chris & Lori drove me up to Parkway RV in Ringgold, GA, this morning. There was eventually someone to walk us through the features of the RV but he wasn’t able to answer all my questions. And it looks like they didn’t get everything checked out. Chris was kind of wondering as the person demonstrating things didn’t seem to know much about air brakes such as the existence (and function) of the low pressure alarm. The alarm worked fine and went off at 45 psi. This dealer advertises a long list of items that they check but I don’t have confidence that they actually did check everything on the list. We were told that the tech working on this rig is no longer working here. Also, the salesman that we dealt with last month is no longer working there. He’s the one who made a lot of promises that may be out of scope for the service manager such as replacing missing stuff.

Some of the known issues
  • The refrigerator wouldn’t run on propane
  • The refrigerator doors didn’t seal
  • The front burner on the stove wouldn’t light
  • The awning wouldn’t stay retracted
  • The door awning didn’t come out straight
  • No vacuum cleaner hose or attachments
  • No air pump for the air mattress in the sofa
  • No air compressor hose
  • Fog lights not working
What is unknown (Not addressed during the walkthrough)
  • Does the washer/dryer work
  • Does the front heat pump work
  • Did they sanitize the water tank
  • Does the convention microwave work
  • Does the ice maker work
  • Shower hose kinked
  • All windows operate
  • 50 amp cord reel
  • Battery water level
  • Test all outlets
What did check out
  • Front and rear A/C worked great
  • Front and rear furnace worked
  • Slides worked and locked in
  • Generator starts
  • Generator slide works
  • Steps retract
  • Toilet flushes
  • Rear backup camera worked
  • Two wooden shelves made for the curio cabinet
  • Washer/dryer is a vented unit and I found the vent
  • Waste valves seem to seal
  • Front window shades function
  • Step cover works
  • Air horns work
  • TV antenna picks up signal (didn’t test the TVs) and rotates
  • Kitchen Fantastic Fan functions (3 speeds but I didn’t check the thermostat)
  • New fuel filter
  • New air cleaner
  • Serpentine belt looks new
Here is a drone video that Lori put together. She also used the drone to look at the roof and verify that it was at least nominally inspected and cracks in the Dicor sealed.


  1. Glad you could check the roof. Make sure everything is a-ok! Maybe if it doesn't check out they can get you a hotel room close by so Lori doesn't have to drive you every day.

  2. bummer. stay on target. it'll work out.

  3. WOW I would have expected so much more, on that size of purchase

    1. Given the month of time, so would I. But, oh well...

  4. This doesn't sound so good, Richard. How odd that the sales manager as well as the mechanic have quit the company. I keep my fingers crossed that all issues can be ironed out to your satisfaction.

    1. It was a salesman who quit because he didn’t care for the “no commission” policy and the tech was let go because of the quality of work. But the service manager should have followed up...

  5. It sure was fun sitting on the air conditioned sofa and watching you and Chris crawl all over and getting sweaty.

  6. Bummer! I hope they come through and get all those items fixed or checked out to your satisfaction.