Monday, August 19, 2019

Day 3 - New Hazelton, BC

I looked at the weather maps last night and the rain/snow appeared to be heading north. If I took the Alaska Hwy, I would be in it for most of the day. The Cassiar headed due south so I should pop out the other side before long. So, south it was. The second picture shows what the first hour was like. Quite a bit of snow but none on the road. By Jade City, it was starting to clear up.

By the time I hit Dease Lake, there was even a little bit of sun peeking through the clouds. There was some scattered sleet for the rest of the day but was much more relaxing drive than yesterday afternoon. A bit slower due to the narrow, winding roads.

This is sort of typical of the scenery along the Cassiar but as I headed south, the snow disappeared. But I did see 27 black bear along the road. Mostly in the southern half. 500 miles today but I waited until 9:30 before heading out to let things warm up a bit. I stopped at a random hotel and it turned out to be the same one we stayed on a previous trip.



  1. Noooo! Too soon for snow posts!!

  2. Odd that area had snow this early. We've traveled this route a couple times in late Aug and early Sep and had much warmer temps. Must be making up for warmer than normal temps in parts of Alaska. That's a lot o miles especially on that road. Didn't smell any roses today did you?

    1. According to the news, Muncho Lake got over a foot. I’m glad I took the Cassiar. No, didn’t stop much. The one picture by the lake and gas at Bell II were the only stops. That car goes a long way on one tank. According to the car computer, I could’ve driven the whole highway on one tank.