Saturday, August 24, 2019

Day 8 - PDX & SEA

I had breakfast with my mom, my sister, and her family at Sam’s Station on, I believe, 29th St. We then walked around the university until it was time to drop me off at the hotel to catch the shuttle. Before it was Hut Shuttle but they were bought by another company. The price for the shuttle service dropped and they now offer service to Eugene as well. No issues with my carry on through TSA even with my backpack full of stuff for the RV. License plates, battery monitor, infrared thermometer, etc. Plus all the stuff I normally travel with. The checked bag had a toolkit, voltmeter, cable cutters, the 2/0 AWG cable I made up last week plus a weeks worth of clothes. It felt heavy but was only 37 lbs.

I am headed back to Atlanta to pick up the new-to-us RV that we had looked at back in July. It is a 2005 Mandalay 40E from ParkRV in Ringgold, GA. The dealer has a four page list of stuff that they check out before cleaning it thoroughly before delivery. I guess I’ll see if they live up to their claims. I talked to the original salesman that we worked with today on the phone and he mentioned that an Alaska friend has also been working with him. Small world. I get into Atlanta at 5:15am tomorrow morning so, hopefully, I can get some sleep tonight on the flight. At least I got upgraded to first class. Maybe there’s a chance. The picture is one that I had downloaded from their website. The salesman that we dealt with when we looked at the RV in person is no longer working there so I am not sure how much of what he promised will be followed through with. But most of it was small stuff. Even when we were there he seemed dissatisfied with the “no commission” policy. From a customer perspective, that’s a real plus. The check-out process is supposed to be pretty extensive with a demonstration of how to use all of the systems on the rig. That sounds like it could take a while. Again, we’ll see.

Just a quick phone photo of Mt. St Helens. Having a salad at Ever Greens in the Seattle airport. Kind of like a glorified salad bar. A nice addition to the airport. I walked 3.08 miles within the airport since I thought there was a challenge listed in the Activity app on the phone. But I had the date wrong. The National Parks Challenge is tomorrow. Maybe the walk will help me get some sleep on the flight as it did tire me out somewhat. 


  1. Hopefully the dealership lives up to expectations and promised deliveries.

  2. My concerns are did they get the air pump for the mattress in the couch, and the parts to the central vac? How well did they check the washer/dryer, water, refrigerator, microwave/convection oven............

  3. I can't wait to drive our 21 foot Promaster to Fairbanks and park it in the luggage compartment on your RV...