Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Day 5 - Stevenson, WA

This morning, I just entered Stevenson, WA, into the gps on the Prius. About 30-40 miles down the highway, I realized that the gps had routed me through the Sumas border crossing and Seattle instead of Osoyoos like I had planned! Oh well, I wasn’t going to turn around. It was a shorter distance but the 45 minute wait at the border and the heavy traffic (multiple accidents) in the Seattle area more than negated the shorter distance.

I stopped at Stevenson so I could meet up with motoblogger Lynne ( and Jerry who are workamping at the Bonneville Dam visitor’s center. We had dinner at Big River Grill in Stevenson. Tomorrow, I’ll be in Corvallis.


  1. yep, the Osoyoos gate and south would have been a quieter drive. I've been caught out by the same gps stuff in the past so I add in between or via points to ensure the route I want and then look at detail directions to confirm. GA nxt.

    1. Tomorrow, a friend and I are picking up the tow dolly from FedEx in Salem. Then I head to GA on Saturday (via Alaska Air). I didn’t even think about entering in waypoints as the Toyota gps doesn’t have that feature.