Saturday, August 17, 2019

Day 1 - Tok, AK

I left around 1:30 for the relatively short 210 miles to Tok. When I arrived, my phone must’ve connected to WiFi somewhere as I received several text messages including one from Chris and Lori who were picking me up in Atlanta next week. There was confusion on the date so I needed to find WiFi so I could call. So I’m now having dinner at Fast Eddy’s and using their WiFi.

Not much else to report except 44 mpg.

All of a sudden I have three bars of Verizon 3G. So I added a picture of the wall tent at Thompson’s Eagles Claw motorcycle campground. I’ve stayed here numerous times before and it appears that I’m the only one here today. The motel parking lots have motorcycles in them. Maybe everyone is looking at all the fresh snow on the mountains.

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  1. I liked my stay at Thompsons....I believe I stayed at the wall tent as well.

    1. I was the only one there so I should’ve opted for the bunkhouse. A little cheaper and heated.