Friday, August 23, 2019

Day 7 - Corvallis, OR

This morning, I met up with Troubadour and Trobairitz aka Brad and Brandy. We went to the FedEx warehouse in Salem with their motorcycle trailer to pick up the tow dolly that has been stored in the warehouse since they didn’t have a way to deliver it. After getting it off the trailer, we removed it from the crate and “assembled” it. This amounted to four bolts on each plastic fender and bolting on the two loading ramps.

A huge thank you to Brad and Brandy for helping to pick up the tow dolly. And on their day off! The claimed shipping weight was 500#. FedEx put it onto their trailer with a fork lift but we needed to muscle it off the trailer. I’m glad that it is finally here after all the trouble with shipping from the Southeast. This tow dolly has a surge system to hydraulically activate the disc brakes when slowing down. Apparently, brakes aren’t required everywhere in the country which seems odd to me. 


  1. You met again, yay. B&B are indeed a helpful species ;-)

    1. Fabulous friends, and so convenient. And, have a trailer! ;-)

  2. So glad to finally have met the kind souls Brandy & Brad! And of course Bridget too! 😍