Sunday, August 11, 2019


Sta-Bil has been added to the tank as well as to the 2 1/2 gallon gas can and the battery tender plugged in. That’s about it for the summer as far as the Ural is concerned. The forecast for next week is rain just about every day plus I need to be getting ready to head south with the Prius full of RV travel “stuff”. Stuff such as the two e-bikes, inflatable kayak, tools, Instant Pot, Induction burner, most of our clothes, a bunch of kitchen stuff, and whatever else that fits. Fortunately, the Prius holds a lot of stuff.

The group photo for the D2D get together was published on ADVrider. Pretty nice photo and it was taken just before midnight near the Summer Solstice in Dawson City, YT. If you stayed for the picture, you received a sticker for your bike's fender with "Dust to Dawson" and/or the year. I have it on the front fender of the Ural.

Saturday was the annual KL7KC amateur radio club hamfest. An all-day meeting with demonstrations, a general meeting, and presentations. The picture shows two members communicating with a VHF repeater satellite. The radios are just 5-watt handhelds and most of their contacts were with other hams in Alaska. Other talks were on emergency communications, digital voice modes, radio restoration, and 6M VHF. I ran the officer and board elections portion of the program and will continue on the board even though I'm out of the state for many of the meetings.


  1. I wonder if its the same technology used by Personal Locator Beacons to relay short text messages via satellite. I didn't see the rig in the D2D group pic!

    1. The Ural is buried in there on the left side. I don’t know what satellites the PLB system uses but I wouldn’t be the amateur radio repeaters.