Saturday, August 17, 2019

Almost Ready...

Two e-bikes, an inflatable kayak, kitchen stuff, tools, pillows, clothes, etc. The first things were the large items, followed by stuff that we didn’t care to purchase over again. Then whatever fit. I did decide to bring camping gear as I can think of a few places to stay along the way. I’m waiting to see what the weather forecast is before deciding on the Cassiar Hwy. I’m was originally planning on leaving on Sunday morning with an initial target of Whitehorse, YT, but it was difficult to find an appropriate stopping point. Everywhere is still super expensive. So now, I'm thinking of leaving on Saturday afternoon. This would allow me to stop in Tok at Thompson's Eagle's Claw even though I'm not on a motorcycle, she said it would be just fine. I reserved the wall tent so I don't have to deal with a wet tent in the morning.

Subsequent stops are Nugget City where they have tent camping if it's not raining but also have Atco type of rooms. These are rooms barely larger than the double bed with the bathroom in a separate building. Fort St. John could be the next stop. In 2017, I went from Fort Nelson to Prince George. So maybe Fort St. John to Williams Lake or Merrit may be do-able. Wednesday will see me (hopefully) back in the U.S. into southern Washington. Then, finally, a shorter day into Corvallis, OR. A total of 2,600 miles give or take. Two half-days plus four full days.

Today (Friday) has been mostly spent packing the Prius. And, it’s not stuffed full after we put everything in it. This will be our first real trip with the Prius. We'll see how it does. And the biggest challenge, for me, to clean up things in the garage enough to park the truck inside for the winter. A lot of stuff had to be moved as the truck hasn’t been parked in the garage for years...


  1. I've seen your must be beat.

    1. But it’s done! The truck fits in one side with about 3” to the passengers side and the rear bumper...

  2. Your first real trip with the Prius? You will be fine, Richard. In Europe it's fairly normal to travel long distance with a compact car or midsize vehicle ;-)