Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As usual when I come up to Barrow, I end up working ridiculous hours. Yesterday, for example, I ended up working until almost 11:00pm. Right around 9:00, I finally got something working and instead of leaving it 'til the morning, I had to get it up and running. There is a lot going on around here and some of the researchers have been here well over a month getting their data and still have several more weeks until things start to shut down. It is pretty windy and cold up here and I have been watching the weather in Fairbanks where it seems like Spring is threatening. I haven't gotten much walking in up here since almost all of my work this time is in the older building which is only about a hundred yards from the hut where I'm staying. I was told that the volcano erupted again and folks up here were wondering if the plane would be able to make it in today. I'm still here 'til tomorrow so there is time for things to settle down. I have most of what I had wanted to get working done except for one chunk of software. I'm still trying to think of a good way to install that without disrupting the production network. One of the things we did yesterday was putting a captive portal on the BASC wireless network. This morning, several people unaffiliated with BASC came by to ask what was going on. We had distributed the information to the visiting researchers yesterday afternoon with flyers in the labs and an email message. So I guess there were some other users on the wireless network. One of the problems sharing a building with a college.

It is always interesting to come up here to see what people are working on. It is usually pretty interesting especially when compared to administrative stuff at the university. Well, I'm exhausted....

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